Saturday, August 30, 2008

Learning English Through Games?

Make your way to perfecting English by playing video games. Not just ANY video games. I'm talking about adventure video games. Why so? These adventure video games tends to make us think of ways to get through the game rather than fighting for no reason at all. The game requires the player to understand and read through the whole game text while experiencing the game in the best way possible.

The idea is to make the players think and read through out the whole game to ensure the proper usage of English as well as making good use of thinking creatively by solving the game.

Parents may think that saying such may just be an excuse to let their children play video games, but based on experience and statistics, the grasp of English and critical thinking are mainly dominated by video gamers. there are even better ways to learn which is by being a book worm. But for those who are unable to do such, this way might be a solution to have a grasp on English for the future.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are You Afraid Of The Audience?

Making your way to the spotlight in the big hall and making a speech may look easy, but doing it is another thing. Standing there while a big crowd is looking at your every move and listening to every single word that comes out of your mouth from time to time. Then you start to feel the pressure and begun to think, " WHAT in the world am I doing here?".

When we are about to perform or give a speech in front of the crowd, the way to reduce it is by preparing before hand. It gives more confidence in what we are going to say in front of everyone rather than talking crap and make fun of ourselves. Its true that many people are afraid of being out there and make a speech. It's not because of fear, but actually you are not well prepared or haven't thought of saying anything for it!

Take time to realize that "practice makes perfect."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Government wants to tax fat people???

What if there really was an issue that the government wanted to tax people who are fat?? How would you react? Or heavier consequences such as jailing those who are fat for life until the at not at the range of fat by the society? It would be disastrous. It's as if the government wants us to be thin and be like a thin model for runways or something. It is just to horrible to think of!!!

Whether or not it will be done, it is stilljust a simple issue i brought up. no offenses from anyone. Make sure to jail me if such were to happen in our country because I brought up the case to all of you. maybe taxing thin people would also be nice since they are not eating enough amount of food for their bodies. Even their amount of meat and fat in their body looks like it is dried up in the dessert for no reason since our country isn't a dessert.

Just a little something to kick start your day while reading this blogspot. Enjoy your view and readings throughout the whole blog. :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you belive in the saying I LOVE U? How about LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT?


A word that describes that we really love a person. But how far does this word brings us to a relationship or even marriage? because you will never know the true nature of the person you love until you see it for yourself with your own 2 eyes. Before you sleep, you would send a text message "i love u" to your boyfriends or girlfriends as a sign of love. Is it true? Only you know whether it is true or not.

Not to mention love at first sight. Its too natural!!! the best ones in life is when two of different genders are nemesis from childhood and ends up in marriage!!! Now that is the great story to tell all your friends right? It starts off with little quarrels and fights between each other. Not to mention making faces at each other all the time. As times pass by, their hearts began to soften and they began to like each other. The best thing is that a relationship through this brings up the best marriage in life where it will stand forever. who knows, maybe you are one of the lucky ones to be in such a situation... :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

GUNUNG NUANG... The place is not scary... its the journey...

Gunung Nuang. Can't seem to forget all the experience that I've been through there. Not just me, but also everyone that went there with me. It was a 3 hours walk to the camp and we did go through all the activities well. The most exciting part is going up there to the top. Before the travel, we had a little drink of tea n a little sandwich. We then headed off to the top.

Along the way, more and more people started stopping to go to the gents and ladies. Very odd, and the journey had to be cancelled since everyone had to go!! Everyone ran back to the camp to get to the toilet as soon as possible!! The lines were long and everyone was trying their best to hold on till the very end. It is a funny experience when you hear about it here, but it is really a nightmare when you endure it by yourself.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Vice Chancelor Cup

At the end of this semester, i'm going to be off to UiTM Shah Alam for a debate tournament called the Vice Chancelor Cup. It's held once a year and all UiTM are gathered and fight to gain the title of the best debater in UiTM. It's going to be my second one and i'm going to do my best.

A week ago, I managed to make a Debate Camp for the Debate Club and a special invitation to Mr Loke Wing Fatt in Singapore to train us to be better debaters. The fact is, he is an international debater travelling all over the world to teach debate. He's a chinese from Singapore and he is very friendly indeed. The Debate Camp turned out better than expected because of his great skills and methods of teaching us the methods of debate. Even juniors who have never even debated were mesmerized by his ways and teachings.

I hope that I am able to pull off a great performance on debate competitions as many people have tried their best to some and teach us for the sake of having a great future in debating.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is It Better To love And Break, or Better To Never Be Loved??? That Is The Question!!!!

Is it better to be single and have no worries of having a heartbreak? I say YES! Why so? Because we don't have to end up spending lots of money on someone who is not yet sure to be our husband or wife. the most important thing is that we don't get our hearts shattered due to breaks and problems with one another. especially when being a student, study is the important thing to succeed in life rather than hanging around pointlessly with a "hot chick" or a "tough guy" as a past time. It's not worth it.

What I'm saying here is not a discrimination. I have also been in love and left out with nothing in the end. it would be best to have a firm relationship before moving on to the next step in a certain relationship. If you disagree with the things that I say, just go ahead and say it and comment on this article I made. Feel free to do it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Would you believe your relatives when they say that you are not an angel during your childhood. I do, because everyone remembers what I did during my childhood.

The 1st thing I did was something that made my uncle really mad until he locked me in the car in a stadium! I was locked in the car for more than 3 hours. Even my parents respected all my uncle's judgement since he is wise in his actions. I cried myself to sleep in the car and Now I realize why I have the feeling that my uncle dislikes me.

The other thing is that I have attempted to wash my uncle's cat in a washing machine. I know it sounds silly but i really did it. My grandmother saw me in front of the washing machine and screamed at me. She kept the secret from my uncle that I did that to his beloved cat. If he knew about it, I'm dead! In the end, he knew about it. I end up running away from him and locked myself in the room.

The last thing is that I was mad when my mum gave birth to a baby boy when I was 4. What was in my head was that I wanted a baby girl! My parents told me that i slept in my grandfather's room for a week without seeing my parents or the baby. The worst part is my mum did gave birth to a baby girl on the next one, but it turned out that I really hate her and my brother was better than the girl that i expected. I can't believe that i wished for a nightmare.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here's a little story about my best friend. His name is Muhammad Hanis Bin harizan. His nickname is Hanikawa Aromiya and mine is Koryu Shizonaika. He's cool in many ways. He's an expert in playing the piano and he did made a grand opening palying the piano in front of the assembly hall during a big event in my school last time. the thing we have in common is that we're in to yoyos and we love reading mangas and watching animes. He's popular among girls since his drawings are beautiful and splendid. He even made a giant sketch of him and me together as enemies fighting in a battle. it was the first drawing he made with colours in it.

During Form 4 in high school, we end up taking our own paths in life since we are offered into different schools on that time. It was a lifetime opportunity that we must take. Even though we're separated and haven't seen each other, I won't forget all the memories we had together. cherishing the moments for all times.

If you have a friend that you want to share, just say it out loud here.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Im 19 this year and I can't believe that I am going to enter the "BIG" 20 next year. Being 20 makes me sound old. But I've never wasted my life of being a happy kid in my everyday life.

Are you feeling old and want to be like the good old days playing and having fun. Some people find it hard to accept the fact that they are already aging and unable to do the things that kids do. Playing at the playground, watching cartoons, playing games, hang around with friends, monkey love and so much more.

As for me, I love being around kids. They are still young and can be treated well with love and care.PARENTS are always in the way when we are about to have fun. It's true right? You can't do this. You can't do that. Then what are we suppose to do? One of my friends is having a hard time in life. his parents is super strict and he's entitled to stay at home all day long except for going to school and tuition. He's the best student in the next class next to mine, but everyone can see clearly that he's not even happy of getting great results. He just wants a bit of fun in life.
Two years ago, me and my friends managed to pay him a visit and played with him in his big house. No wonder he's bored. There's no toys at all!! there's only books and dictionaries all over the place.

But now, he's in United kingdom. I'm really envy of him for going there. The thing is, how did a nerd like him get a beautiful girlfriend there! I'm not going to fall for such tricks, but it really was true.

P/s By the way, his nickname is Han... Wish to see him when he gets back here.