Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Living Alone...

There are those out there who are unable to mix in with the woirld and live life on their own without any friends, any neighbours, or even any parents. they are just living an empty life and being all alone. Doing the same thing every single day from time to time. Wandering around without a purpose, hoping for something to cheer them up, wishing for a miracle that might just happen.

Seeing them smile is like seeing a rare eclipse of the moon. It may not be for a long time, but that little smile makes it worth it. People tend to be alone for reasons. Deep reasons. If you have ever been heartbroken, you need to have time for yourselves to recover, staying away from everyone and making yoursels okay again. It may take a short period, or it may take forever. The most common reason of being alone is being too scared to approach to others and make friends.

What all loners need at hard and sad times is just a friend by their side to comfort them along the way. Tell us if you think so too. :(

Friday, September 26, 2008

Obesity is cool!!

Hey, ever thought that being obese is cool? Think about it. Why restrain yourselves from eating great food and get hooked up on tasteless food just to keep tourselves fit or slim. you are missing the chance of enjoying life to the fullest!

Not to mention the benefit of being obese is being popular among your friends. It is true that obese people have more friends than regular sized people. Why? Because they stand out different than the rest! They are more healthier looking because of enough nutritient and calories.

Don't worry about getting a girlfriend for obese boys. Is it a desire to rest on a comfortable bed with a sof cushion? If you can't get it anywhere, what do you do? With a big boyfriend, you can just rest on his soft and lumpy stomach. It is more enjoyable and both are happy with it. Only obese people are capable of doing so, rather than sleeping on a thin and non comfortable body.

Think about it. Obesity is cool!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Internet... What Is Its True Purpose To You?

Everyone's life is now filled with various technologies and changes in life. One of the great technologies in our lives is the internet! Even watching this article requires yourself to have an internet connection. The internet is now used worldwide for everyone to stay connected wherever you are. Communications between countries have been possible with the internet. It is the source of entertainment, news, business management, and also games.

What is your motive of using the internet?

Students would probably maximize the use of internet as a place to search for informations and resources. Gamers would definitely want to download and play great games online. Not to forget that the news and business management are for those who are in the business industry or management. Lets not forget on the internet as a souce of downloading videos and musics up-to-date. But then, isn't downloading songs and videos from the internet is considered as a crime? These things are done illegally all over the world. The fact is, downloading these songs and videos are illegal due to downloading it from resouces which are not directly from the original souce. But then, even I download songs and videos from the internet. Don't worry. It's okay. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Singing In The Shower

It is very relaxing to sing in the shower. No one knows who is singing, unless your voice is very familiar. But then, the percentage of Malaysians singing in the toilet is 23%!!! That is a lot. It shows that many have talents of singing, but they are unable to impliment it in the big crowd. So they end up singing in a small room or toilet and singing until their hearts content.

Why throw all that talent to waste? If you are a parent and you have been listening to your sons and daughter's beautiful voice in the toilet, be sure to encourage them to perform or even encourage them to be in singing classes so that they are able to improve their talents. If their voices are terrible, don't even think about doing it or encouraging them for fun.

If you have a great voice and would like to sing on stage, start off early and amke it to the top. There is always time for us to make it. Who knows, maybe you might just end up making a big performance in front of a really big crowd. Dream big and make it happen. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


CHEATING, a famous word or even a famous action done by students all over the world to score any kind of papers, quizes, tests and work. There are more than a billion ways to cheat in this world. Cheating takes time to learn and it is a very unique skill to have during hard times. Hard times here refers to when having no time to study at all or even not enough time to complete the study.

The alternative plan to score is CHEAT! Yes, it is illegal. It is not supposed to be done at all by students or anyone in the whole wide world. But at times, one must make a decision whether to cheat or not. Scoring a paper is hard when we don't study or even prepare at all. So cheating takes place and we are able to go through the test better than expected.

Skills of cheating are more than a billion. It can be done through making small notes and hiding it, or even making eye contact with friends, or even copying the answer of another friend. It depends on the situation and environment to cheat. It may sound easy, but the main thing to remember is to not get caught when cheating. It may benefit us to cheat, but getting caught doing it may lead to big problem.

Think about it. Be careful when you cheat. What I know is, you have cheated before right. Just admit it. I can see right through you... :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


hey, it has been quite some time having fun in the semester. What I really didn't notice was that the finals is coming!!!! What am I to do if I am not oprepared an unable to perform well?? My mum and dad is totally going to kill me when they see my bad results. the worst part is seeing them cry due to our failure.

The thing to remember is to stay calm and spend more time on studying and revising all the work. it will take some time but it is for a bright future in the end. Making your way slowly and one at a time will make us better at it without raelizing that we are able to endure the finals in a proper way.

The thing is, it is never too late to change our ways to study and prepare. It depends on whether we are willing to change for the future or not. A little effort in life may make a big difference to a person's life. If you are good at it, make it better. When you are better, make it to be the best. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Songs are both men and women's best friend


Its a peaceful thing to hear anytime and anywhere. There are a variable of songs out there in this world suitable for everyone. It is a great friend when we are having a party and making it better and merrier at the same time. It also brings up a better environment to quiet houses rather than making it silent and and feels like no one's home.

the best part in songs is that there is always a song for every situation or environment in life. As an example, sad songs are for those who are sad at times and happy songs for those who are in a good mood. Rock songs are for those who wants a little hard rock in life. Rather than spacing out and doing nothing, listening to songs may kill time as well as being agood friend at your side. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008


Are men considered as evil in the world crashing marriage and relationships? I say "NO". When it comes to marriage, all the beautiful faces of our wives would turn out to be dreadful witche sin the end. Its true!

When it come sto control, the women would be the ones controlling the men and making the men do all the stuff that the women want. Things tend to get out of hand and then the realtionship begins to crack and ends up dead in the end.

Evil is seen within women when they abuse their beauty and use it for evil such as pornography. But then, the most evil part is when they try and flirt with hot guys to quench up their money to nothing at all. Women would say that men are also evil in many ways but it is still undenyable that women have the upper hand in making more evil in the world compared to men.

Friday, September 5, 2008


There have been many articles on kids at an early stage having the intelligence of a genius!! The possibility of giving birth to geniuses are very rare. But as they are living on this surface of the earth, they are blessed by their special intelligence surpassing many of those even living in the world.

There have been cases where 5 year olds are able to score an A+ in Additonal Mathematics which is a core subject in High School!! Even normal people are having a hard time doing it well or even passing such kind of subject.

These geniuses aren't just specializing in studies and intelligence. Not to forget the ones that are born with atletic abilities surpassing the olympics. It may sound impossible, but the presence of these geniuses shows the world that there are many mysteries in the world that haven't been solved by all of us. Even geniuses are having a hard time discovering the myths of the world.

As a finishing touch, just a little reminder to watch out on picking kids younger than us. Because they might be the next generation of our country's future.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Making your Way To The Sky

Its funny when we had a crazy dream like going to the sky when we were small. Eventhough there are transports and vehicles that can get us up there, that isn't the thing that satisfies sky dreamers. Its like trying to fly without any help fromanything at all.

Sounds hard, but dreams are made to come true. dreams make you strive harder to achieve an impossible goal to make it possible. It is a matter of believe and making it happen. People may laugh and say bad things about our crazy dream. But let us make it happen and throw it at their faces what they laughed all this time.

What kind of crazy dreams do you have? Make your silli and childish dreams come to life.