Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ever Get Really Sick Of Your Parents And RUN AWAY??

Its been a week since I ran form home the other day. It really made me mad for getting all the blame in the house all the time. When I say all the time, I really meant it. It might be ok to have it once in a while, but getting all the pressure day by day, hearing the same undelighted scream from your parents especially my dad makes me sick. So i ran from home at 7pm right after he finished his big lecture on saying that I damaged the house computer.

It may be a bit harsh, but i did scream back because its really getting annoying to get all the blame on yourself. It turned out to be a big fight and i ran away just like what i stated just now. It really hurts. I left unnoticed and then he knew that I went missing and woke up my mum from her slumber sleep. I heard she panicked and cried as soon as she heard I had a fight with my dad. At that time, I don't know why but i am quite happy when i left the house. In that kind of situation, I went quite far from home. the thing is, I got back home 2am in the morning not because my dad was begging me to come home. But because I can feel that my mum cried the whole time when she knew what happened.

I really want to make my dad realize that he's to be blamed for pointing fingers at others for all the trouble. I did come back in the morning, but I know nothing changed even though i ran away. He's still being his stubborn self not accepting his mistakes. I'm sorry for taking your time on reading this but I really want to share it with others.

People should accept the fact that they did wrong in their life and admit it. Its not hard, but it can make a big difference in life.
Tell me, did I do the wrong thing of running away and made my family worried...

Monday, July 28, 2008

HEARTBROKEN BEFORE? This is my story.

Love is always in the air. But how far does our love goes? Ever got cheated, left behind, dumped?? The last thing to be thought is who to blame? The guy? The girl? Heres the thing. I'm sharing my story and you guys are here to comment. Feel free n tell me what you want to say.

I'm a guy, and i've been together with my girl for quite a while. Love is great! Felt like heaven. But, it hurts when you know that she's got someone else on her heart... Other than you that is... How do you feel? You've done everything for her, even my heart and soul just to be with her.. And what happened in the end... Pure hatred... It doesnt hurt when she has another guy on the line... it hurts when we've been lied all this time... the reason she was with me was due to feeling guilty of kindness... is that the way to treat a person who loved you with all his heart? Thinking about it, it hurts a lot... The only excuse she can give is that she has the right to love anyone she wants. Fine then!! But people never though about other's feelings. They just want to have fun with other's feelings.

Just a simple advice, if you really want to be with your loved ones, make sure you don't play with their feelings. Because it really hurts deep inside. I know because i've been through it..

Do leave a comment and tell me your feelings and response... Because I want to know how you feel if such a thing happened... This is not some dumb old story, its a true one, and it happened to me..

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