Friday, October 31, 2008

Getting In The Dean List- A Day To Remember

There are times when we want to achieve a certain something in life. And one thing is for sure, you wouldn't want to miss getting into the dean list for your studies. It is given to those who achieve a GPA of at least 3.5 for the semester. The dean list is for those who put effort into getting such magnificent results in their studies.

It may not be much, but it pays off to see your mother and father looking very happy with your achievement. the tears of joy are making their faces wet and they are so proud of you. That is why I would say that it is a day to remember for all times. One will never forget that moment of receiving the grand results of the dean list.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Men wearing skirts... A new way of being stylish for men...

Why would men ever consider of wearing skirts as a trend of a new style? Well, everyone knows that skirts are very comfortable to be worn. It has better air flow on the lower part of the body which gives men more comfort to move around rather than being stuck in trousers with limited movements.

Skirts are very trendy with various types of decorative dressings and beautiful hand made skirts. It is very stylish and even women are not shy to be with men when they are wearing the exact same type of clothing . This shows that men are more attractive when they wear skirts and be one with the nature of women.

No Action, Talk Only (NATO)

Have you ever seen leaders of your country or even your friends standing up and making a peech while explaining all the things that he will change for the future of a certain organization? What ever happens next? Did she or he ever does all the promises that he made to everyone? This is what I call "NATO". NATO refers to no action, talk only. Most of the leaders of the country would be making false promises and talk only without any actions.

Wors are promising but how promising are we when it comes to doing it compared to saying it? What the people want is to have a leader who can lead the country well and benefit the people in many ways, not just saying it but not doing it. It really makes a big difference. There are even people out there who can not make promising speeches but he can make proper actions when it comes to the real thing.

Saying The Truth Or Lie All The Way


It is very hard to find a person who can actually speak the truth on everything in life.There are many dark secrets which prevents a person from saying the truth. The only thing left to do is "lie". Lying inquires great skills to do it. It prevents us from saying the truth and backing it up in case any of the truth is gonna be leak. It patches up every single hole in the mistakes we made and make up on a whole new story in the end.

The real thing in life is that people wants to know the truth. The REAL truth. It may hurt to say the truth. But it ensures that we have the trust of others on every single thing we do in life. We need to speak the truth to gain the trust of others. That way, we can live harmoniously with everyone without any worries.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Missing The Old Days... :-(

Life keeps moving forward, but people wish that they can stay in the past forever. That is one thing that can never happen. As time passes by, we would think of the old days when we were having fun as younglings. Playing in playground. Making funny faces at your friends. Going shopping with friends. Going on dates with loved ones. Hanging out with friends. And so much more. Those were the days.

There will be a time when you would return to these historical places and visualizing the sweet memories you had there. Even the boring old school will be missed a lot as it hold many sweet and sad memories that we have endured through the time. Thinking back about all the friends we made and the new ones we have now.

Thinking about it makes me want to cry.

Are We Brave enough To Stand Up For Our Loved Ones, Even If It Costs Us Our LIVES?

Everyone would say that they love their loved ones and they would risk their lives for them without hesitation. How far is that saying true? Are we capable of putting our life in the line for them as we say? Only some are capable of doing so in really hard situations.

If there was a situation that you would be sacrificed just to save your loved one, would you do it? Would you offer yourself to do so? Only half of the people in the world would stand up and say "YES", but only a few would really do it for real. You can say whatever you want that may bloom other's hearts. But doing it is another story.

We are not discouraging you, but we want to make you realize that you must be honest and truthful in what you say. :-)

Ban Violent Video Games?!!! We Have Our Rights!!!

If there was a new statement that violent video games were to be banned, how would you feel? The reason for this doing is that people believe that these violent video games will result in more crimes and murders. Is that true? Has there ever been a case that a person kills due to playing a violent video game?

The reason that we can play is because it is our right! We can chose whatever game we want to play and whenever we want to play it. Not to mention that by giving away playing these violent video games, it shows to the young ones that violence exist out that and we need to take great precautions in life. If the young ones are walking outside without any slight knowledge that violence exist, the person may be exposed to many danger in the outside world.

Think about it and we play violent video games for our rights to play it and for the safety of the young ones with no knowledge. :-)

A Funny Story... Don't Get Too Excited On Getting Your Driving License...

Getting a driver's license means you are at a stage of having a big responsibility. Driving is fun! But don't slack off and get too excited. here's a story to tell. I just got back here to write this article. 4 hours ago, my friend just got back from hanging around in town. The thing is, he got back without his car!

He just got his license yesterday, and today was his third time driving his Proton Perdana with his car license. It turned out that he got into an accident. The situation was that he was trying to play around and crashed into a car when trying to perform a drift at a corner. Serves him right for making such crazy attempts. But then, I feel pity for him because I was just next to him hearing his dad screaming at him on the phone for getting into an accident and damaging the new car. But all his friends laughed at him because he was boasting a lot when he got his license.

Think well and drive safely. Even I haven't had my license yet. Im going to do it in the near future. Slowly but carefully.

The Way People Walk... :-)

Everyday, every single person in the world would at least take one step to walk. the way people walk itself may be considered funny. Some people prefer to walk in a normal way, while others would like to stand out and walk in different ways such as backwards, sideways, and so much more. Walking itself is unique and shows who we really are.

For those who are lazy, their walking style would seem rather slow and looks like he's going to fall or some sort. As for gentlemens, they will be walking in a proper posture full with confidence and energy. As for me, I love to walk while dancing which makes a nice rhthym.

So show us, what is your walking style?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spoiled Brat?

Ever encountered a spoiled child which always misbehaves and orders their parents around demanding stuff which are expensive and gets it? These children are considered as spoiled brats. they have been given to much attention and not being taken care well by their parents. The outcome of giving everything for their child is a spoiled brat which knows that you will give anything that he demands since you have been giving everything without any excuses since his or her childbirth.

The thing is here that children should be brought up well or they tend to step on our heads in the future. When such a thing has already happened, then it is already too late to turn back time and reverse the process. Regretting won't change anything that the child does. It may take a long time until he changes his ways of misbehaving and negative attitude.But you have to take the risk of doing it since it is all our fault of not being responsible at an early stage.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Politics Is Destroying Our Country

What do you use to see in the television these days? POLOTICS! It is all about politics. Politics here. Politics there. Our country is in a pinch since everyone is going after power and talking about making them superior compared to others. What ever happened to all the regula news on television? What ever happened to all the cartoon and education channels for the childrens of tomorrow?

Have politicians ever thought of the people's feeling towards tehir actions or even all their quarrels to gain power or seat in the high council? Al this quarrel and fights are showing to other countries that our country is unstable and unable to take care of the country by our own selves. Politicians say it is not true! But what do the foreigners say? What do the travellers from other countries see in our country as they are hearing conventions on gaining the right to rule the country all the time!

If politicians are able to settle down and make a decision quick, better actions may be taken at an early stage rather tahn making a great decision in the future which might be too late. Even children are able to think this way.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Have you heard to amny aoplogies in your life and you get sick and bored of it? The problem about apologies is that even though we may accept the apology, it is ok if it doesn't happen again. But the same thing keeps happening over and over again without any cahnges even after apologizing. So what's the purpose of apologizing if we are unable to change for the better good?

Lovers always have this kind of problem making mistakes and making up again right after a long day of apologizing. But it will turn out to be the same thing on the next day. Thinking about it makes us want to throw up on all the apologies.

As a reminder, don't apologize when you don't mean it at all. apologize for a better future and make up for what we have done.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bully on the outside, Sissy on the inside!!!

Have you ever felt that the way you are now is just a hypocrit? Acting nice in front of people around and being polite on the outside whenever your friends are around. The truth is seen when you are at your house facing your daily lives. No one would've expext that such a gentle looking girl turned out to be so rough on her brothers back at home!

Or even expecting your school's greatest bully turned out to be a thumbsucker back at home by his mum. It may all be true since no one knows the real personality of each person around.There are always reasons to hide it from others. Thats what makes everyone so unique.

Don't go and bully kids which you have no idea who he is. He might just be a professional street fighter which might turn the tables in a fight. Think about it. Have you ever been in such a situtation?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Just A Tiring Day... A Horrible Day... :-(

Making your way through a day filled with work and assignment is a tough one. Mine is bound to tear me up apart. I am having a really horrible and tiring day today. The day started with a test in the morning which I haven't read anything on. Not to mention that I have to submit 2 assignments to my lecturers before the next class starts. It really hurts when your test had to start late and end late at the same time. The assignments barely made it to the lecturer, but the nightmare has just started!

The next class woud be a surprise quiz!! And guess what, I am surprised and felt like going to faint too. The quiz had so many tough questions in it and I was the last one to be left in the room, still answering the quiz while others have gone back and rest. The day has not ended yet. It was only in the afternoon.

I checked on my phone for any messages. It turned out that there was a message on having an urgent meeting right now. Even the meeting place is situated far away! When is this day going to end?

The meeting went on until 2pm and something good actually happened. The class at 2pm was cancelled! I was so happy, but i knew my happiness wouldn't last long.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Do You Have A Dumb Neighbour Like I Do? :-)

Neighbours are essential in life. They help us at times when we need them the most. What I am going to tell you is about my dumb neighbour. He's not actually dumb, he's friendly and cool. I just love calling him dumb. We do quarrel all the time, sharing our thoughts and fight for no reasons just to kill time. He's a year younger than me, but he's very talented in computer and technology stuff.

Even if your neighbour is as dumb as mine, you still need to think that they are the ones who keep a look out at our houses when we are away, taking care of our garden so that it is not destroyed and visiting us at times just to make sure that we are friendly and close to one another. having great relationships with your neighbour may benefit both sides in the end. But he is still dumb. I don't know why. :-)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleep Walking?

In your cozy bed, you lay back and relax. Take your time to doze off to sleep. The next morning, your whole family begins to talk about you walking during your sleep! How can a person walk while being unconcious? It is just impossible! But it is happening all over the world. There are people who are really sleep walking in the night after their sleep. Their actions are done unconciously but they are able to stand up and walk without hitting any walls along the walk! Now that is a mystery.

Have you ever experience doing it?

the best thing to do if you are seeing someone sleep walking is to record it in a video camera and upload it in the internet. It will surely be a big hit! This is just a suggestion. You may want to do other alternatives, but this one is fun... :)