Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Just A Tiring Day... A Horrible Day... :-(

Making your way through a day filled with work and assignment is a tough one. Mine is bound to tear me up apart. I am having a really horrible and tiring day today. The day started with a test in the morning which I haven't read anything on. Not to mention that I have to submit 2 assignments to my lecturers before the next class starts. It really hurts when your test had to start late and end late at the same time. The assignments barely made it to the lecturer, but the nightmare has just started!

The next class woud be a surprise quiz!! And guess what, I am surprised and felt like going to faint too. The quiz had so many tough questions in it and I was the last one to be left in the room, still answering the quiz while others have gone back and rest. The day has not ended yet. It was only in the afternoon.

I checked on my phone for any messages. It turned out that there was a message on having an urgent meeting right now. Even the meeting place is situated far away! When is this day going to end?

The meeting went on until 2pm and something good actually happened. The class at 2pm was cancelled! I was so happy, but i knew my happiness wouldn't last long.

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