Monday, October 6, 2008

Do You Have A Dumb Neighbour Like I Do? :-)

Neighbours are essential in life. They help us at times when we need them the most. What I am going to tell you is about my dumb neighbour. He's not actually dumb, he's friendly and cool. I just love calling him dumb. We do quarrel all the time, sharing our thoughts and fight for no reasons just to kill time. He's a year younger than me, but he's very talented in computer and technology stuff.

Even if your neighbour is as dumb as mine, you still need to think that they are the ones who keep a look out at our houses when we are away, taking care of our garden so that it is not destroyed and visiting us at times just to make sure that we are friendly and close to one another. having great relationships with your neighbour may benefit both sides in the end. But he is still dumb. I don't know why. :-)

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