Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bully on the outside, Sissy on the inside!!!

Have you ever felt that the way you are now is just a hypocrit? Acting nice in front of people around and being polite on the outside whenever your friends are around. The truth is seen when you are at your house facing your daily lives. No one would've expext that such a gentle looking girl turned out to be so rough on her brothers back at home!

Or even expecting your school's greatest bully turned out to be a thumbsucker back at home by his mum. It may all be true since no one knows the real personality of each person around.There are always reasons to hide it from others. Thats what makes everyone so unique.

Don't go and bully kids which you have no idea who he is. He might just be a professional street fighter which might turn the tables in a fight. Think about it. Have you ever been in such a situtation?

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