Friday, October 24, 2008

Are We Brave enough To Stand Up For Our Loved Ones, Even If It Costs Us Our LIVES?

Everyone would say that they love their loved ones and they would risk their lives for them without hesitation. How far is that saying true? Are we capable of putting our life in the line for them as we say? Only some are capable of doing so in really hard situations.

If there was a situation that you would be sacrificed just to save your loved one, would you do it? Would you offer yourself to do so? Only half of the people in the world would stand up and say "YES", but only a few would really do it for real. You can say whatever you want that may bloom other's hearts. But doing it is another story.

We are not discouraging you, but we want to make you realize that you must be honest and truthful in what you say. :-)

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