Saturday, October 18, 2008

Politics Is Destroying Our Country

What do you use to see in the television these days? POLOTICS! It is all about politics. Politics here. Politics there. Our country is in a pinch since everyone is going after power and talking about making them superior compared to others. What ever happened to all the regula news on television? What ever happened to all the cartoon and education channels for the childrens of tomorrow?

Have politicians ever thought of the people's feeling towards tehir actions or even all their quarrels to gain power or seat in the high council? Al this quarrel and fights are showing to other countries that our country is unstable and unable to take care of the country by our own selves. Politicians say it is not true! But what do the foreigners say? What do the travellers from other countries see in our country as they are hearing conventions on gaining the right to rule the country all the time!

If politicians are able to settle down and make a decision quick, better actions may be taken at an early stage rather tahn making a great decision in the future which might be too late. Even children are able to think this way.

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