Friday, October 24, 2008

Ban Violent Video Games?!!! We Have Our Rights!!!

If there was a new statement that violent video games were to be banned, how would you feel? The reason for this doing is that people believe that these violent video games will result in more crimes and murders. Is that true? Has there ever been a case that a person kills due to playing a violent video game?

The reason that we can play is because it is our right! We can chose whatever game we want to play and whenever we want to play it. Not to mention that by giving away playing these violent video games, it shows to the young ones that violence exist out that and we need to take great precautions in life. If the young ones are walking outside without any slight knowledge that violence exist, the person may be exposed to many danger in the outside world.

Think about it and we play violent video games for our rights to play it and for the safety of the young ones with no knowledge. :-)

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