Friday, October 24, 2008

A Funny Story... Don't Get Too Excited On Getting Your Driving License...

Getting a driver's license means you are at a stage of having a big responsibility. Driving is fun! But don't slack off and get too excited. here's a story to tell. I just got back here to write this article. 4 hours ago, my friend just got back from hanging around in town. The thing is, he got back without his car!

He just got his license yesterday, and today was his third time driving his Proton Perdana with his car license. It turned out that he got into an accident. The situation was that he was trying to play around and crashed into a car when trying to perform a drift at a corner. Serves him right for making such crazy attempts. But then, I feel pity for him because I was just next to him hearing his dad screaming at him on the phone for getting into an accident and damaging the new car. But all his friends laughed at him because he was boasting a lot when he got his license.

Think well and drive safely. Even I haven't had my license yet. Im going to do it in the near future. Slowly but carefully.

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