Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spoiled Brat?

Ever encountered a spoiled child which always misbehaves and orders their parents around demanding stuff which are expensive and gets it? These children are considered as spoiled brats. they have been given to much attention and not being taken care well by their parents. The outcome of giving everything for their child is a spoiled brat which knows that you will give anything that he demands since you have been giving everything without any excuses since his or her childbirth.

The thing is here that children should be brought up well or they tend to step on our heads in the future. When such a thing has already happened, then it is already too late to turn back time and reverse the process. Regretting won't change anything that the child does. It may take a long time until he changes his ways of misbehaving and negative attitude.But you have to take the risk of doing it since it is all our fault of not being responsible at an early stage.

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